“The ‘Glocality’ must be consistent: what we do in positive for the local demand can’t go against of what is done globally" Prof. Grau said


The Non-Executive Director of GUNi, Francesc Xavier Grau participated in the III Forum about Environment and Local World and highlighted the challenges of higher education as an important actor within our society.

During the last 10th and 11th March on Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, took place the III Forum about Environment and Local World which aimed to create an open space to foster knowledge regarding sustainable development in cities and villages.

Under the theme “Walking together towards 2020 and beyond”, subjects like local environmental management and sustainable development were discussed through several activities such conferences, workshops and meetings for networking. Within these sessions, was held the conference: “Sant Pau: Knowledge Center” led by Francesc Xavier Grau and José Luis Martín Bordes Programme Officer of UN-Habitat / Global Water Operators’ Partnership Alliance. At this presentation, Prof. Grau stressed the importance of research for better development of wealth and the role of universities in shaping a better society.

In addition, Francesc Xavier Grau gave an interview were he talked about GUNi’s role regarding higher education and its activities, and also highlighted the need to increase the engagement of universities in society trough social innovation. Furthermore, he explained the “Glocal University” concept as a synergistic dichotomy of local and global action, reinforcing the need to act locally but also having a global impact:

“We are in a city, we are in a region, and we work a lot for this city and this region but, at the same time our work impacts on the global knowledge, therefore we are glocal "

The III Forum about Environment and Local World was organized by the Diputació de Barcelona and involved more than 500 participants including government, environmental institutions, businesses and civic organizations.

See the full interview with Prof. Francesc Xavier Grau in Youtube

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III Fòrum de Medi ambient i Món Local


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

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  • Generalitat de Catalunya