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Mohamed Elkheir abdelrahman
Vice chancellor
University Kassala Street P.Box 266 SUDAN



University of Kassala

University of Kassala
University of Kassala
University of Kassala


International Institute of learning with excellence in teaching, research and community

According to what is stated in its foundation Low , the University  undertakes to contribute to the development of the country intellectually, scientifically, economically, socially and culurally .

In particular, it seeks to achieve the following goals :

1 . To ensure and authenticate the nation’s identity.

2 . To conduct scientific and applied researches that relate to the community’s needs.

3 . To pay due concern to earthly sciences, medicine, mining and natural resources within the global frame work of concern paid to the country’s overall development.

4. To innovate technology and implement in to serve the Sudanese community through close cooperation with Higher Education and Research institutions around the country.

5. To pay adequate concern to the enhancement of the Sudanese environment in general and the state in particular.

6. To mind issues of human development thought, and religious values.

7. To train students and award them scholarly license sand merits.

Conducting research and train students in the following fields:

   Medicine (topical disease, tuberculosis research centre);

   Agriculture and Natural Resources;


   Economics and

   Informatics (computer sciences)

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