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UNESCO Bangkok explores the potentials of community-based education in a regional conference

Up to today, 24 countries in the Asia-Pacific region have established Community Learning Centres (CLCs), and the number is increasing

The Regional CLC Conference, entitled “Lifelong Learning for All Through Community Learning Centres (CLCs)”, was organized by the UNESCO Bangkok Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and was celebrated in Bangkok (Thailand) last 26-28 September.

During the Conference, Community Learning Centre’s practitioners from national governments, NGOs, research institutes and private businesses from the Asia-Pacific debated how to raise the efficiency of literacy programs, improve learning outcomes, become better advocates for literacy and lifelong learning, use ICTs to help spread education, and the nature of contents to be provided to learners at CLCs.

UNESCO has been advocating for community-based literacy and lifelong learning through CLCs in the Asia-Pacific region since 1998, with strong financial support coming from the Japanese government.

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