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The European Commission launches Rethinking Education

This new strategy has been issued to encourage Member States to take immediate action to ensure that young people develop the skills and competences needed to reach and succeed at the job market

The European Commission presented this new strategy this past 20 November as a reaction to the high youth unemployment rates and as a consequence of the belief that Europe needs to rethink how education and training systems can build on the capacities needed in the job market

Thus, Rethinking Education calls on shifting education to give more emphasis on learning outcomes. It collects ideas to strengthen the focus on developing transversal skills and basic skills at all levels and implement initiatives such the following:  a new benchmark on foreign language learning so by 2020, at least 50% of 15 year olds should have knowledge of a first foreign language (up from 42% today) and at least 75% should study a second foreign language (61% today); to build a world-class vocational education and training Systems; to improve the recognition of qualifications and skills, including those gained outside of the formal education and training System; and to fully exploit technology.

To access the Strategy and the annexes, follow this link.

For more information follow this link.

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