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All posters must be sent in a PDF file to
with the subject line reading "GUNi Conference Poster Submission".
Deadline: March 15, 2013


The Call for Posters looks for innovative initiatives that can serve as examples or inspiration to other higher education institutions and social actors, helping them to set up partnerships and to start similar initiatives in community-university engagement. An innovative initiative or good practice should provide actions or solutions to issues and situations and should include an innovative approach in its design, implementation, orientation, etc.

Authors of selected good practices in engagement will have the opportunity to present their initiatives in poster format at a space of the Conference venue specifically prepared for the poster session.

The poster session aims to open a central space for participation at the Conference, so that valuable ideas of selected good practices can be conveniently shared and discussed.

Well‐crafted posters will tell the story well by themselves, but authors of posters are expected to be available to describe and discuss the work in the poster during the session.

GUNi looks for innovative initiatives in the following tracks:

    • Community-based research
    • Service-Learning
    • Engaged scholarship
    • Academic enterprise
    • Knowledge mobilization, implementation science and research utilization
    • Science shops
    • Other community-university engagement initiatives



Poster Guidelines


Size Poster Paper

    • “A1” page size: 594 x 841 mm (23 x 33 inches)
    • Portrait‐style (vertical)


Language Poster Paper

    • English


The parts of the poster

Regardless of the content, the goal of "Scientific posters" is to display information in a clear, concise manner, while generating interest to engage in a discussion among presenters and with the audience.

The content of the poster is generally broken up into different sections. Include in your poster the following ones:


    • Heading / Title: The heading must contain a short title, the name of the author/s, and affiliation. A well thought out title will attract more viewers. The suggested length of your title is 1 to 2 lines. Adding the logo of the organization is also a nice touch!


    • Introduction: This section is here to introduce your good practice with a short background. Describe briefly the context in which the initiative was developed.


    • Description of the initiative: Explain the objectives, the partnership that has been created, the process and all the aspects of the initiative.


    • Results:  Explain the outcomes of the initiative and the main impacts on each partner. Also the main innovative aspects of the initiative can be highlighted.


    • Conclusions: In this section briefly review your objectives and discuss why the results obtained are interesting or significant. Also, you can add recommendations and talk about the continuance or sustainability of this initiative.


    • Others:  The poster can include a bibliography, acknowledgements and further information.


We recommend you to keep the poster simple and not overload it with too much text. Summarize your information to make your poster easy to scan over quickly. Also think about how you could present the information in a more visual and attractive way.


Poster PDF file submission

    • All posters must be sent in a PDF file before 15 March 2013 to with the subject line reading "GUNi Conference Poster Submission".


Poster Set up and Removal

    • From Monday 13 May, the room for the poster session will be open for presenters to hang up their posters. Remove will be on Wednesday 15 by 6:00 p.m.

Poster Session


The Poster Session during the conference will be on Wednesday, 15 May in the afternoon (from 14.15h to 15.15h).

    • Poster Session will run for 1 hour.
    • Authors should plan on arriving 10 minutes before the poster session.
    • At least, one poster author should be present to provide details and answer questions to those assembled around the poster.
    • Posters are attached to the display boards with thumbtacks provided by Conference’s organizing team.
    • It is useful to attach two envelopes to your presentation: one envelope to collect the comments or questions of participants and another to provide your own business cards. You may also reproduce your poster in A4 format to distribute to the conference participants.
    • All contributions are published in the On‐line Poster Gallery and in the Conference Proceeding under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution‐NonCommercial‐ ShareAlike Licence.
    • Authors are responsible for removing all material at the end of the Conference



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