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HE Conference 2013

6th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education. Let's build transformative knowledge to drive social change.

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Window Registration - 6th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education
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Image Makerere University
Image canadian alliance for community Service-learning
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Community-Campus Partnerships for Health
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Casa Milá, Antoni Gaudí
Image Gaudí tiles
Image Sagrada Familia
Image La Boquería
Image Camp Nou
Image Montjuïc Communications Tower
Designed by Santiago Calatrava
Image Sagrada Familia
Image Barcelona port
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Image Tortilla
Nathalie Dulex
Page La institucionalización del Aprendizaje Servicio en las universidades españolas
Image Casa Amatller
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Image Casa Milà
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Image Barcelona Gothic - Cathedral view
Photo by: Melba G. Claudio-González
Image Catalan Castellers
Photo by: Melba G. Claudio-González
Image Casteller drummer
Photo by: Melba G. Claudio-González
Image Parc Güell - Barcelona
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Image Joan Miró sculpture - Barcelona
Photo by: Felix Stricker
Image Penedes grapes
Photo by: Melba G. Claudio-González
Image Dragon, Park Güell - Barcelona
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Image Casa Batlló - Barcelona
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