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  • Director. UNESCO Chair of University Management and Policy at the Technical University of Madrid
  • “If we only pursue a type of knowledge based on what can be calculated, we will be turning a blind eye to human reality.”
  • In this interview, Heila Lotz- Sisitka, Director of the Murray & Roberts Chair of Environmental Education and Sustainability at Rhodes University (South Africa) explains the different ways of understanding sustainable development in African universities.
  • Carlos Tünnermann spoke to us about the current situation and of the challenges to be faced in the assessment and accreditation of quality in Central America. For Tünnermann, it is fundamental for the development of the region that the quality of higher education in Central America continues...
  • In this interview Dzulkifli Razak, Rector of the University Sains Malaysia explains that sustainability starts with a kind of mindset, and in this sense education becomes important, because is a place where we can start to do all those mindset changes
  • Building on the Local: the Approach of BRAC University, Bangladesh In this interview, Manzoor Ahmed from the Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University, Bangladesh, explains the main features of this NGO-founded university and the impact it has not only on the training of students, but...
  • "Educational expansion is a pillar of a more just society" In this interview, Juan Carlos Tedesco, Argentina’s former minister for Education, Science and Technology, reflects on the role of higher education as an agent of social transformation, the importance of equity policies in access to...
  • "We need an all-encompassing pedagogy" In this interview, Angélica Olvera, Academic and Educational Research Director for the CUDEC Group (Mexico) explains the concept of systemic pedagogy and its application to higher education.
  • In this interview Vladimir M. Filippov, Rector of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, a GUNI Member institution, presents the university’s new projects to foster its social responsibility.
  • In this interview, Abdel Moneim Osman, Director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education in Arab States and Secretary of GUNI Arab States, reflects upon the challenges for higher education and UNESCO’s projects in the region. He also gives his vision on how higher education institutions can...
  • In this interview, Ana Lúcia Gazzola, the former executive director of both INHOTIM and IESALC, reflects on the role of higher education in creating knowledge and eradicating economic and social inequalities. INHOTIM and IESALC (Instituto Internacional de la Unesco para la Educación Superior en...
  • Associate Professor at the School of Social Sciences at Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Young-Gil Kim, President of Handong Global University, which is hosting the UNITWIN Network on Capacity Building of Sustainable Development in Developing Countries, details the objectives and activities of the Network and reflects upon the contribution of higher education towards sustainable...
  • Ligia Deca, Chairperson of the European Students’ Union, reflects on the role of the students in higher education and their necessities to become not only good professionals, but also responsible citizens capable of adapting themselves to the ever-changing world.
  • Professor David Francis reflects on the role of higher education institutions in peace building and gives some concrete examples of how universities can contribute to post-conflict societies.
  • Mary-Louise Kearney, Consultant to the OECD/IMHE Programme and until recently Director of the Secretariat of the UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge, shares her views on the significance of research for the development of a country. She also highlights the importance of...
  • Professor Denise Leite reflects on the concept of innovation and good practices in higher education.
  • Gemma Rauret spoke to us of the challenges that must be faced in the years ahead by the Spanish higher education system within the European Higher Education Area. She also spoke of the role that ANECA will play in this context and the strategy it will employ.
  • The third report `Higher Education in the World´ is about to be presented at the 4th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education, which starts on 31 March. Cristina Escrigas, GUNI’s Executive Director, talks about its contents and main ideas.
  • Wei Yang reflected on the main challenges facing China’s higher education system and institutions in the twenty-first century and the way they are trying to develop a harmonic approach to development. He stressed the importance of quality assurance due to the rapid growth of the Chinese educational...



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