Gerben de Vries

Teacher on Erasmus+ program (competences ‘A Rounder sense of purpose’), writer and lecturer

CV summary

Gerben de Vries worked in primary, secondary and higher education, especially as an innovation manager in a TTC, Marnix Academie Utrecht. He was involved in, responsible for the implementation of quality management, adult education, integrated studies of humanities, international programs, intercultural learning, citizenship education, refugee teaching, learning for sustainable development and for the Marnix Academie becoming a UNESCO school. As a senior lecturer he was responsible for programs on education, humanities, citizenship and ESD. Though officially retired, he still works in the field of ESD: in the Erasmus+ program on teacher competences ‘A Rounder sense of purpose’, as a writer of articles and as a lecturer on the subject during seminars, masterclasses etc. He is active as a co-worker for Duurzame Pabo (Sustainable TTC). His primary drive is the idea that he borrowed this world from his (and other people’s) grandchildren, who will probably face the 22nd century.

Gerben has degrees in primary school teaching, history teaching and educational science.



  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

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